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Healing Hurting Hearts Covenant Ministries International (HHHCMI)


Clarkesville, Tennessee 37042


Bishop Anthony L. Alfred, Presiding Prelate

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The mission of the Healing Hurting Hearts Covenant Ministries International (HHHCMI) is to be God’s Kingdom here on earth, to preach His Word, to celebrate the Sacraments, and ‘to show forth the Lord’s death until He come again.

HHHCMI is part of a present day move of the Holy Spirit to “prepare the way” for the return of the Jesus Christ. As part of that preparation God is inspiring ministries around the world to create intentional coalitions to bring the Church to Maturity (Ephesians 4), to Unity (John 17), and into her Biblical relationship and responsibility to the people of God (Romans 11). We recognize that these are three key aspects of this preparation.

HHHCMI has a philosophy of ministry that is based on healing hearts while building relationships that are focused on the goal of helping each other’s ministries. Because we are not building any kind of spiritual “empire,” we have nothing to sustain and nothing to protect. We only desire to be a spiritual reformation nurturing and supporting

each other’s lives and ministries so the Kingdom of God can expand. Luke 9:11, “but the crowds learned about it and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing.”  We look forward to the fellowship in the coming days.


Our motto: "The Spirit of the Lord is on Me. He has put His hand on Me to preach the Good News to poor people. He has sent Me to heal those with a sad heart. He has sent Me to tell those who are being held that they can go free. He has sent Me to make the blind to see and to free those who are held because of trouble." Luke 4:18 (NLV)


Grace & Peace

Healing Hurting Hearts Covenant Ministries International

2050 Fort Campbell Blvd

Clarksville, Tennessee 37042

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2937

Clarksville, Tennessee 37042

HHHCMI Headquarters

Upcoming... Don't Miss It!!!!


January 22, 2022

Kingdom Connections Session #1

Online Session


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April 20-23, 2022

HHHCMI Annual Leadership Conference

Family of Faith Worship Center/Clarksville Regional Airport

Clarksville, TN


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