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Healing Hurting Hearts Covenant Ministries International (HHHCMI)




"Kingdom Leaders Build TABLES Not TOWERS"
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Are you desiring to be as Efficient a Leader as You Could Be or Would Like to Be?
Would You Like to Know More About You as a Leader?
Do You Desire to Gain Insight, Obtain Strategies, and Collaborate with Fellow Leaders?

If You Answered YES to any of the previous questions...
This Conference is for YOU!

April 9, 2022
Online Session

Leadership Assessment Flyer 2022.jpg

April 20-23, 2022
Clarksville, TN

Leadership Conference Flyer 2022.png
***Sign-up by April 1, 2022.***
***Registration deadline is April 15, 2022.***

To Sign-Up & Register:
1. Pay Assessment and/or Registration Fee.

*Note in the "For" section the item(s) your payment is for (i.e. Assessment, Registration)

2. Click Sign-Up/Registration Link above to complete Registration Forms.

HHHCMI CashTag.jpg.png

Please send your assessment sign-up AND registration fees using the Cashtag $HHHCMI2 or QR Code above.

***Please note that this is a 2-Part Event. Assessment Data will be an integral part of the Leadership Conference. Fees may be paid together or separately, however forms must be completed separately for each event per registrant.***

Let's Get Ready for "The Way Forward"  in 2022!!!!


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